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Non woven Spun lace Lint free wipes

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Very ideal application in household clean , restaurant wipes.


Product Description

Product Item: Non woven clean wiper /Tissue
Gram (g/m2): 30~140gsm(g/m2)
Composition: 100%viscose,70%vicsoe+30%polyester,50%viscose+50%polyester and 30%viscose+70%polyester,
100%polyester,50%wood pulp+50%polyester etc.
Size: 5*5cm,7.5*7.5cm,10*10cm,12.5*12.5cm,15*15cm,20*20cm,22*30cm,25*25cm,25*50cm ,30*30cm
Folding: 1/4 folded, 1/8 folded, 1/4 folded, Z folded, M folded
Color: Solid color/ Printed fabric , like white,green,red,blue,yellow,orange,purple and pink etc.
Embossed lattice,stripe,diamond,wave and fish scale etc., can be customized
Style Solid or print
Feature: 1.Eco-friendly
2.lint free
3.easy to clean and dry
4.super absorbent for water,oil and blood etc.
5.disposable biodegradable
6.cost effective
7.soft and comfortable feeling
8.light weight
Application: 1.household, kitchen, restaurant, hotel cleaning;
2.facial or body cleaning in beauty house, salon, spa house;
3.floor, instruments, furniture cleaning in hospital. easily inside and outside the home  It can be easily rinsed and used over and over again.
Market: Germany,USA,Australia,Korea, Malaysia,Brazil and Japan etc.
OEM/ODM: Welcomed


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