All Purpose Non woven Wipes

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Multi Purpose Clean Cloth

  • Quickly and convenient to clean during cooking.
  • Rinses clean – no stuck-on food particles.
  • Soft and comfortable feeling & without scratches after cleaning
  • Strong multi-purpose cloths with abrasive cleaning nodules to make cleaning quicker
  • It will be very good helper for  household clean, also for industrial machine wipes on oil or water.


Material Polyester/viscose/ rayon/bamboo fiber in needle punched technical craft
Weight 70gsm~300gsm, or as per your require
Size 28*28cm,or customized spec
Package 5~10pcs/pack, or customized.
Shape Piece/Perforated roll .
Color White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink etc in Plain White, Dyed, Wavy, Diamond, or as Customized.
Application Cleaning easily inside and outside the  home .
It can be easily rinsed and used over and over again.